The Blueberry Girls

The blueberry girls started with Ben Devlin, our dad and uncle! He would find the most amazing blueberry patches then load up us girls in his suburban, which was nicknamed “ The Blueberry Bus”. We were a mix of keen and not so keen pickers. Shelley was looking for the one giant blueberry that would fill her pail, Carla often got a pass because of her allergy to poison ivy, Debbie should have got a pass as she frequently sat on an ant hill or wasp nest … and Patti well she was spoiled she rode in the front seat because of motion sickness and you could leave her happily picking for hours.

To this day blueberry season is our favourite time of year. Mark has taken over the “blueberry bus” which is now a “pick-up”, Carla’s allergy to poisin ivy has diminished, Patti still loves to pick and Deb joins on occasion. Shelley, well she loves to bake with blueberries so lucky for her, her sisters share.